Monday, January 7, 2019

Design Trends 2019

"There aren’t any rules with trends, and (generally speaking) I think people should love what they want to love, and find ways to make it work..."
-Jonathan Adler, designer and design expert, as interviewed by Elle Decor
There is a reason I chose to begin this article with Jonathan Adler's quote about design trends.  It is a direct confirmation from a respected interior designer, that the most important element in home design is selecting what you love and making it work within your space.  We say that each year in our design newsletter, because it is always worth repeating. Design trends are great to explore, to study, and to peruse, but use what you love in your home and let that be your guide.  Now, on to our annual overview of what those Design trends are for 2019!
Style- according to Elle Décor who interviewed Jonathan Adler, 2019 will see the same playful mixing of styles that continues to be popular in our ever-changing, fast-paced, chaotic society, "The one “trend” I think will continue is that we live in a chaotic, anything-goes world and the same is true for décor and design. People mix high with low, new with vintage, hyper-sleek with hyper-layered, and I wouldn’t have it any other way."
Color, Accents & Materials- Pantone's Color of the Year was recently announced, and for 2019 it is Living Coral, described by Pantone as, "An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge." It is no wonder, too, that designers are pointing to warmer, richer, bolder color palettes and hues making their way into 2019 design trends.  Earthy reds, tonal blues, rich greens, along with velvet, florals, mixed metals for fixtures, copper accents, and natural elements such as stone, granite and concrete serve to ground our spaces and provide a deep and peaceful balance to the frenetic way in which we live. According to Décor Mag, 1970s Chic encompasses many of these trends, so don't be surprised if you notice a bit of plush and groovy inspiration from this by-gone decade in magazines and stores. 
Technology- How can we live our lives without it? Technology is an ever-present feature in both our lives and increasingly our homes.  The kitchen is a perfect spot to feature this synergy of how we live with technology. Appliances continue to integrate the latest smart features, such as voice assist and video chat, and are really the stars of the kitchen, rather than that boxy thing you want to hide. 
FAVORITE TRENDS- Tuxedo Kitchens.  Say what?!!? Megan McDonough of The Washington Post refers to adding elements of black to the predominately white kitchens that have been so popular as of late.  Island accents, mixed metal fixtures, range hoods, and base cabinets are ways in which this trend is incorporated. With busy families this might just be a great way to hide "wear and tear" on arguably the most used area of the home.  Backsplash as Focal Point, and geometric patterns, along with the continued use of subway tile and open shelving endure this year.  These trends can work beautifully in either kitchens OR bathrooms. 

As THE PRZADA TEAM's lifestyle blogger, THIS is most certainly my favorite newsletter topic to research of the year!  I absolutely LOVE interior and home design, but what I love most about it is, that it can serve as a guide to refresh or remodel, but really what counts is that I surround myself with what I love and items that speak to me.  The trends can inspire me and help me figure out how to do that in a way that is modern and fresh.  May you have a wonderful start to your new year and may you always surround yourself with what brings you joy!  
 Be sure to check out all of the links in this newsletter for great design inspiration. For more info and Elle Decor's great slideshow of what is OUT for 2018 and IN for 2019, and THE best visual example I have found on Design Trends for 2019 from HOUZZ, click on over to our blog, 
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