Tuesday, May 1, 2018

It's Definitely That Time of Year Again!!!

Spring Cleaning, Spring Cleaning, welp, it's that time of year, isn't it? I think I spent a good chunk of my day yesterday "arguing" with and sorting the massive amounts of paper one seems to accumulate these days!  Between mail, bills, schoolwork, flyers, agendas from volunteer meetings, receipts, magazines, junk mail...a gal could almost literally be carried away in a sea of paper!  No matter how many baskets, or inboxes, or filing procedures I may implement, it never seems to become an organized habit.

ENTER Donna Malone with Pretty Simple Organizing. She is THE organizing guru with so many fantastic tips.  You know those Pinterest-worthy pins and photos that make those of us want-to-be-organized-and-put-together-types aspire to create system after system to KEEP us from drowning in "stuff" again and again, well, I think Donna is THE ANSWER.  She is featured, in all of her cataloged and systematized wonder,  in an interview for THE PRZADA TEAM's newsletter this month.  Watch for it THIS week!  Until then, please enjoy browsing her site!  She has so much to offer!  From advice, to her professional organizing services, to a consultation.  If you desire a way to find what you are looking for fast and to keep clutter at bay, call Donna.

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