Thursday, April 19, 2018

To Roomba or Not To Roomba?

Yes, that is THE question we had been asking ourselves.  We have a SERIOUS dog fur problem, and when I say serious, I mean it.  We have these two cuties...Tucker & Lola!
Tucker Blue
Lola Bug
Everyone seems to wear their fur...residents and visitors alike!  I love to vacuum, I really do, and we have a great OLD Dyson vacuum that takes care of the fur brilliantly, order to make a difference in the war against fur balls, I would have to vacuum EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. That is not happening people!  I mean, who has time to do that? Well, enter the Roomba, or "UrbanSnoopy" as we have renamed her.  She is amazing.  When some of my friends told me that they purchased a robotic vacuum, I thought they were crazy.  I mean to each his own and I totally supported the freedom to choose how to make your chore load a bit lighter, #noneofmybusiness, but.... I always thought I had more impactful ways to spend our household budget.  Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when I was sitting on a dear friend's floor playing with her son.  I was so impressed with how clean and dust/fur free her floors were.  I remarked as such, privately thinking about what amount of fur be stuck to my pants if we were on my floors, enough to make a new dog???? Probably. I mentioned this to the Urban-Mr. off offhandedly, and voila, Snoopy came into our lives last weekend.  She has already proven to be a worth-while investment and a fun new pet!!! 


No promotional consideration was given by iRobot for me to author this blogpost.  I simply purchased the product and enjoy it.