Thursday, February 1, 2018

Need a Vendor?

Just today y'all, this happened!  I grabbed the front door knob to open the door and the knob came right off in my hand.  Now I know I am a strong urban-mama, but we are not talking "hulk-strength" by any stretch of the imagination.  After an attempt or two at trying to screw it back on myself, it was time, and clear, that it needed to be replaced.  So my first stop was the web, no, not for yelp or google, but TEAM-PRZADA!  That's right, features a Vendor List.  Bet you dollars to donuts that what you are looking for is already on the list!  From home repair to remodel, to personal trainers to veterinarians, check out our list...Just another way TEAM-PRZADA can serve you in all of your real estate AND home owner needs!

 Vendor List

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