Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Have You Seen This???

Pavilion at the Toyota Music Factory Opens...

Toyota's Music Factory looks like such an interesting and refreshing concept. Phase 1 includes a flexible concert venue which accommodates a range of crowd options, from smaller, more intimate shows, to a larger indoor/outdoor venue. New idea...you can purchase refreshments at the bar located inside the music hall, therefore, you don't have to miss the performance.  Phase 2 includes Alamo Draft House, a super-cool and trendy movie house, and a plethora of FAB restaurant and bar options.  It looks like The City of Irving bet big and will possibly score big with this multi-use entertainment complex.

I think I have just added Toyota's Music Factory to my "must try list!" Now, where is that concert calendar? For more information on music and entertainment or restaurants & bars, check out Toyota's Music Factory website.

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