Thursday, November 9, 2017

Thanksgiving Menu at OUR House!

Oh joyful, wonderful time of year.  We LOVE the fall and all that comes with it, especially Thanksgiving.  With that said, it IS time to start planning your menu, looking to Pinterest for pinspiration, making "to do"lists, and deciding upon our table centerpieces.  

Well, I CAN cross ONE thing of my list.  The MENU.  This is our menu for Thanksgiving 2017...and, almost every year we have hosted that has preceded this one, plus or minus an item or two.  We seem to do a light edit each year, but this is the current roster, and oh, I am SO EXCITED!!  Some of the entries are "all-stars", tried & true, some are the flashy "johnny-come-lately" star turns, some are "rookies" making their debut on our 2017 Thanksgiving Menu!

Let me tell you.... Addie's Southern Dressing is to die for.  It is a family tradition, started by my Dear Grandmother Addie, and continued by my Dear Mama, Nancie! Let's just say you will have to contact Nancie directly to get the recipe...and that's IF she will let it out of "the vault." But suffice it to say, it IS a family favorite!  Here is a peek....cornbread, toasted wheat bread, mushrooms, diced hard-boiled egg, pecans, poultry season, celery & a few dried cranberries to add a bit of sweet to play against all that savory!  Nancie's Homemade Mac & Cheese is also a family favorite, and just about TOP SECRET, you may have to apply for top level clearance for the details on that one, too, but many of the oh-so-delicious recipes, can be found on TEAM-PRZADA's  Pinterest Board, Thanksgiving at OUR House! Check it out, as well as our other boards for recipes and ideas for entertaining, home improvement, design inspiration, DIY, local area interests, and more! 

One more word of note, Michael & Luke's FAVorite Trailercake Cupcakes come from Trailercakes Cupcakes in Dallas.  They have been a long-time Urban family staple for special days.  We happened to discover them at the Dallas Museum of Arts' Summer Block Party quite a few years ago.  They have the most FABulous silver air-stream trailer that they load up with their heavenly cupcakes and travel to food truck events!  Do yourself a favor and check them out!  "Slap Yo Mama" Chocolate, "Hitched," (white wedding cake & white icing), and "Caramel Eileen," (sea-salted caramel topped with a pretzel) make our Thanksgiving cut. 

WE hope you and yours have a fantastic Thanksgiving and you are able to soak in peace, comfort, and love during this special time of year!  

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