Thursday, March 31, 2016

Yum! Yum! You Might Want Some!!!

I just had THE BEST veggie burger of MY LIFE!!  Now I know that may not speak to many of you out there, BUT, as for the food and fare at The Royale Magnificent Burgers, I found it to be fresh, inventive and delicious. My dining companion & father, Pat Przada agreed! The menu seems to offer something for everyone.  Carnivores, Omnivores & Herbivores ALL can find something yummy and satisfying! ;) This is a gourmet twist on a burger joint in all ways: menu, decor and offerings- even their website is fun & kitschy!  Check it out!

Here is the meal breakdown-

Me- The Veggie Spectacle Burger with Yucca Fries & A Deliciously Tangy-Sweet Pomegranate Ketchup. This savory burger is just the right mix of toasted almonds, raisins, orzo, mushrooms & lentils, among a few other things.  It was pure perfection to this veggie-burger-lover.  Too often, restaurants boast a veggie burger on their menus, but it is the same frozen black bean pattie that I can grill at home.  NO. THANKS.  This, on the other hand, was a delightful, made-from-scratch surprise, and it made my day! The Yucca Fries were a bit of a creamy texture and were a luxe departure from the usual fries one might order with a burger.

Pat- AKA as my father & Realtor Extraordinaire- The Turkey Tradition This spin on a favorite meal boasted it all!  Ground, organic turkey, cranberry relish, sweet potato aioli & creamed spinach. The cracked wheat bun was a great crispy topper to this gem of a meal. I think Pat thought this was a good alternative to a burger and one could make a few revisions such as swapping out spinach for the creamed spinach, and going LIGHT on the aioli, in order to make it a bit heart-healthier.

Other menu offerings include-

  • several, flavorful incarnations of Poutine
  • many other types of gourmet burgers
  • flight of fries- um, yes PLEASE!
  • varied and fresh salads
  • milkshakes- salted caramel- what...what!
  • house made sodas

The Royale has been open for a month. The staff was warm and the food yummy.  No doubt, they are still finding their groove, as a few published menu items are on the docket to be added, and will most certainly make a nice addition to the extensive list of offerings. 

All in all, it was a great father-daughter lunch in which we discovered a new place that has promise! Next, I'll have to talk my major-burger-loving husband into a date night there! There is a milkshake and a cocktail that are calling my name! I know just the person I can tempt to share them with me! ;)

You outing to this restaurant might pair just beautifully with an afternoon full of hiking at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve.  That way, you can enjoy much of what spring-time in Texas has to offer...beautiful weather and outdoor exercise. Then, go eat whatever you want and worry less about a bit of gluttonous consumption. Date night, family date, lunch after an matter your reason, enjoy The Royale Magnificent Burgers in West Plano Village!

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