Thursday, March 17, 2016

Where To Go? Where To Go?

Many times, home owners know a change is needed.  In many of those cases, a job necessitates a move, or enrollment in a particular school is the reason.  Sometimes, the root cause for a move can be attributed to a lack of space or even too much space. Often, homeowners wish to learn more about a new community and how it compares to their current community. TEAM-PRZADA to the rescue, you could say!

Pat & Nancie have a wonderful working knowledge of North Texas area communities!  In addition to the vast information they can provide, check out TEAM-PRZADA's website, On this site, you can sign up to create an account and have access to a great tool, Market Insider, for learning about new communities.  Market Insider generates data driven reports by zip code.  Users can even compare two zip codes to learn about demographics, schools, price trends, market trends, weather risks and much, much more.  Log on and start comparing today!

Market Insider 

Market Insider- Comparison of Two Zip Codes

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