Thursday, January 14, 2016

TEAM-PRZADA Vendor List Spotlight- Fence Staining with North Texas Stain and Seal

Greetings TEAM-PRZADA Clients & Friends!

As we are all huddled down, in the middle of winter, there are signs that spring will be here before we know it!  Spring is such a beautiful time of year.  The sun is out, trees and plants begin growing again, grass returns to its lush, green carpet-like state.  The world tends to look a little more vibrant, doesn't it?

In preparation for the warmer weather, homeowners tend to begin their "to-do" list.
Home maintenance tends to trend to the top of that list, at least it does at our house, along with MOST of our neighbors!  For that very reason, we have a vendor we would like to share.  His name is Nathan Sprabary and he is the owner & proprietor of North Texas Stain and Seal. Nathan got his start as a professional house painter.  However, things took a turn when, along with his neighbor, they developed a unique stain that launched him into the world of fence, deck and wood staining. According to Nathan, the stain they developed and use is "the only product out there that truly preserves the wood. It replenishes the natural saps in the tree that are lacking due to being dead. Plus, it stains the wood beautifully."

Nathan has done extensive work in The Reserve at Westridge, along with staining for two of the largest fence companies in the Metorplex.  In addition, he stains fences, decks and exterior wood, such as shutters, for homeowners locally. When Nathan first started his business in 2012, he "passed out 50 flyers and that is all of the advertising I have done."   Nathan humbly credits God's grace and "word of mouth referrals" as the factors that have allowed him to grow his business and build such a large, loyal customer following, but there is one more factor at work there....he is true to his word.  Ask his customers; they will sing his praises.

As a homeowner, We hired Nathan, with North Texas Stain and Seal. He stained our beautiful 8 foot board on board fence.  I can personally attest to the following, the stain is approaching three years old, but it still looks vibrant and has not faded.  His prices were reasonable, and I can also confirm that Nathan IS true to his word.  Unfortunately for us, it has been necessary to replace several individual boards on our fence, due to an over-zealous, crazy dog that just happens to reside with us.  ;)  Nathan has returned when necessary, to stain those individual boards, keeping our fence beautiful.  Best of all, he shows up when he says he will.  Each time we have set an appointment, I can count on him.  That is a rare thing to find.

Read on to find out a bit more about Nathan and the scope of his work, in his own words.  He has most certainly earned a spot on TEAM-PRZADA's Vendor List.

  • I do both new construction and residential fences.  
  • I've stained entire HOA perimeter fences or something as little as one board.   
  • I offer colors that range from natural cedar tone to almost black. 
  • I do my very best to do exactly what I'll say I'll do.  
My dad who has been self employed for his whole life told me something I'll never forget.  He told me if I do a good job for somebody, they'll tell 3 people they know.  If I do a bad job for somebody, they'll tell everybody they know.  That has always stuck with me.
         -Nathan Sprabary, North Texas Stain and Seal

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