Thursday, July 30, 2015

LOVE your Outdoor Space- 5 Upgrades to Keep You Outside

You know how we love the blog, Candy's Dirt over here....Candy does a great job of helping you get your North Texas real estate fix.  This time, the "dirt" is a primer on how to transform your ho-hum backyard/outdoor space to a lux retreat that you actually want to use to beat the North Texas heat. Read on for the expert top-five tips, from Nicole Arnold from Nicole Arnold Interiors, then follow the link for more information.

  1. What Goes Outside Should Belong Outside- furniture and cushions that can sustain the outdoor conditions will leave you happier and will hold up better to Mother Nature.  Furniture covers are a great idea to keep critters from damaging your investment, or that always-enjoyable crazy-sideways-rain.
  2. Make it Bright- Adequate lighting makes the space more enjoyable, especially for evening time spent outside.  Think layers, string lights, lanterns, a few overhead light sources all mix well to create good lighting. 
  3. Don't Forget the Rug- Rugs create a good foundation and provide softness in the space.  Make sure you use a good outdoor rug pad in order to prevent mildew.  The rest is up to taste...a pop of color, a geometric pattern, animal print or neutral texture can all create a great jumping off point for design. 
  4. Comfort is Key- Texas summer heat can be a beating, so build in options that can keep you cool.  Misters, overhead ceiling fans and curtains that can be drawn to help block that late-afternoon or mid-day sun all play a part in making your outdoor space more livable and more comfortable! 
  5. Plants Add Color and Texture- Plants and flowers can be that finishing touch that really make your outdoor space inviting and come alive!  Container plants, groupings of pots, flowerbeds, shrubs, trees, and herb gardens provide that bit of lushness that softens the hardscapes of patios.  Layering color with flowers can be a complimentary or bold way to set off your design.  
Click on over to Candy's Dirt, real estate blog for more explanation on these great outdoor upgrades! 

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