Friday, February 27, 2015

A Warm Treat to Brighten a Cold Day!

We received the ultimate treat last week!  Got a call about 9:30 Thursday morning asking if someone would be home at 10:45, if so, Tiff'sTreats was going to deliver a box of "piping hot" cookies!  Not much that is better than HOT, fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies, especially when you are a bit under the weather, in my book! ;)

Our DEAR and clever friend, Karen, knew of this great, innovative company that specializes in baking and delivering cookies.  They do not deliver unless someone is home to receive the tasty, hot treats!  The silver lined box was wrapped with a ribbon and four layers of the hot yummy goodies were inside....chocolate chip, peanut butter, cinnamon!  As one of the lucky recipients, I can attest, that surprise can make your day!

Tiff's Treats bakes and delivers in Dallas, Austin, Houston and San Antonio!  You can find all of their locations on line at  If you need a gift for a special occasion or just been thinking of a friend, you might want to give Tiff's a call.

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