Monday, September 1, 2014

A Word to the Water-Wise....

As Benjamin Franklin said, “A penny saved, is a penny earned.” A similar sentiment could be said about water conservation.  Save and ration thoughtfully seems like a good principle to apply to residential water use.  Check out some of the tips and links below for more great information. 

  • ·        As always, it is a good idea when considering what to plant, look to native species which are rated as drought tolerant.  
  • ·        Contact the experts at Treeland Nursery for recommendations on drought tolerant tree species.  
  • ·        Read up on rainwater collection barrels and make your own.  The City of McKinney provides a DIY make your own rain barrel class on 9/30.  Follow the link for details or for other home owner educational classes. 
  • ·        Purchase some soaker hoses and hand spray nozzles to make keeping your foundation “summer healthy” a priority. 
  • ·        Check local home improvement stores for gardening tips to make sure you are using water-wise “best practices.”  
  • ·        The City of Plano offers Live Green classes.  The selection includes topics such as live sustainably and water basics.
  • The City of Frisco provides a link for FAQs on Drought

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