Thursday, September 18, 2014

For more great design ideas and articles such as Curating Your Style, browse D Magazine's On The House by Mark Molthan......

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

FAB Design Blog FOUND!!!

Click on over to D Magazine's Home / Design Blog, by following the link embedded in the photo above, sponsored by Mark Molthan, of Platinum Series Home. Get this, the blog's tag line is a daily conversation about pretty people, places and things.  Well, draw me in. I LOVE pretty places and things....the people, I suppose to each his own.  But seriously, check out the content.  Great stuff, especially if you are wanting to update, remodel or just refresh your space.   The advice is surprisingly practical and not as chi-chi as I would imagine.  The site even features a quiz to find your design aesthetic....LOVE!!!  Two thumbs up!  Enjoy!

Monday, September 1, 2014

A Word to the Water-Wise....

As Benjamin Franklin said, “A penny saved, is a penny earned.” A similar sentiment could be said about water conservation.  Save and ration thoughtfully seems like a good principle to apply to residential water use.  Check out some of the tips and links below for more great information. 

  • ·        As always, it is a good idea when considering what to plant, look to native species which are rated as drought tolerant.  
  • ·        Contact the experts at Treeland Nursery for recommendations on drought tolerant tree species.  
  • ·        Read up on rainwater collection barrels and make your own.  The City of McKinney provides a DIY make your own rain barrel class on 9/30.  Follow the link for details or for other home owner educational classes. 
  • ·        Purchase some soaker hoses and hand spray nozzles to make keeping your foundation “summer healthy” a priority. 
  • ·        Check local home improvement stores for gardening tips to make sure you are using water-wise “best practices.”  
  • ·        The City of Plano offers Live Green classes.  The selection includes topics such as live sustainably and water basics.
  • The City of Frisco provides a link for FAQs on Drought