Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Get To Know Plano....

Here are a few promotional videos to help you learn more about this great city!

 A Great Overview

A Bit of History As Well As The Parks & Rec Department

Historic Walking Tour
A Bit Dated, but the History is GREAT!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Three Squares...Um, YES Please!

It is a well-known fact that this Urban-Mama has made it her mission to get to know her still-kind-of-new-to-me surroundings.  I've blogged about that quest before! ;) So, I feel sort of convicted to share when I discover something new to love in my community.  So here it is folks, my latest love......

Let's face it....dining out is a treat, a luxury, a little sometimes-gift you give yourself and your family.....amiright?? Three Squares IS that little gift.  It is charming and funky and a little slice of realness served with delish all at the same time.   When The Original Urban and I moved here, we longed for an establishment that was not a chain. A place that served unique and thoughtful menu items, yet fit the bill for a family date night, all near our new hood.  Volia! We found a contender.  

Our ventures to Three Squares total 4-ha, but our interest was piqued on visit #1.  We immediately liked the food and the atmosphere.   On trip #3, we had the pleasure of meeting Josh Babb, the owner, also of Kenichi Dallas.  He explained that he was passionate about serving people. It was clear to us that ensuring his customers had a great experience is paramount to him.  The decor is so fun and inspired that it plays well in the space and off the menu.  I love, no I super-love design so I asked him what inspired him to decorate his space the way he did. It was more about feelings, when he spoke with his designer, he stated he loved orange, wanted a similar vibe to the [hipster] spaces in Oak Cliff and he loved reclaimed wood. Poof, it plays!  

The menu is FAB.  There are offerings for carnivores and vegetarians alike.  Date night and family-friendly outings both seem equally at home at Three Squares.  There is a menu, but you order at the counter, then the food is brought TO YOU.  Here's the rundown of our menu selections from 4 Trips, but for a more varied look, see for yourself and browse the menu...better yet, go in for a visit and ENJOY!!!!  We always do!  

Trip #1- lunch date with the Mr. 

  • Me: warm spinach salad & sweet potato fries with smokey ranch...a must, as you will see!
  • The Mr: steak out burger...more than just a burger it's gourmet, a foodie's dream y'all, flat-iron steak, caramelized onions, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, horseradish aioli all on a brioche bun
Trip #2- lunch date with a dear mommy-friend and five, yes, FIVE children
  • Me:  repeat...boring I know, but OH-SO-GOOD
  • Mommy-Friend:  Rajun' Cajun salmon Caesar, she LOVED it!
  • Kiddies- a various orders of grilled cheese, sweet potato fries and chicken strips..gobbled up
Trip #3- lunch date with the folks
  • ALL: warm spinach salad and sweet potato fries
Trip #4- date night with the Mr, before a concert
  • Me:  Vegetarian's Revenge Burger {!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!} and...wait for it, sweet potato fries, and their seasonal blueberry margarita-LOVED it!
  • The Mr:  Reese's Peanut Butter Shake, which didn't last long at all, and the steak out burger with tater tots with horseradish aioli 
  • To Share: brownie cheesecake <3
If you are lucky enough to enjoy a Friday lunch out, ask for Josh, the owner, so you too, can hear all about his wonderful establishment and his commitment to good, crafted food!