Friday, February 28, 2014

Personalize with Custom Artwork---Yes, You CAN do This!

·In keeping with the trend of Design In The Real World in this month's newsletter here are some ideas on adding personalization to your home using custom artwork. Custom Artwork???   Whoa…hold on now.  I’m not suggesting you commission an artist or drop the equivalent of a college education to decorate your home with expensive custom art.  I am merely suggesting that you find things that speak to you and use them as artwork.  Purchase some acrylic paints and some canvases from your local hobby store, Hobby Lobby happens to be our favorite haunt, and let your kids go to town.  If you choose the paint colors to compliment your d├ęcor, then you will end up with an uber-personal masterpiece that compliments your space.  Photography is another homerun IMO.  Use photographs you love and decoupage them to a canvas 

      or place an order with a canvas photo printing company, like The Canvas People.
      Family rules signs are another way to decorate in a personal way.  You can search "family rules sign in handmade on 

    THIS is my next art project.  

      It is typography print involving dates.  Each date is significant to our family.  Talk about custom and personal!  

      None of these ideas break the bank, but they give oh so much for the dollar, and besides the art on the walls of your home should bring you joy and evoke memories...a la personalized design.  

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