Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Personal Design IS KING!

TOP 2014 Home Trend: Personalized Design.

The "Keeping up with the Joneses" mentality is giving ground to personalized design that reflects the needs and design aesthetic the residents.  In 2014, people will actively embrace the role designer in order to create a home that is truly one of a kind.  "We're at a fascinating point in the evolution of the interior design process. Interior design professionals one ruled the roost, but that's all changed with design TV, blogs and the Internet," says Elaine Griffin; New York interior designer and author of Design Rules.  "Clients today are well educated and have taken back the power.  They're so knowledgeable that they're doing it themselves."

Below, find her tips to make the most of YOUR design story:

  1. Research and Check Twice-  Take the time to properly research and educate yourself in order to get the result you wish to achieve.  "You want to know what your options are in terms of price, value, quality, design and style," Griffin said. "What's returnable, what's not? Always measure twice and buy once.  You only have one option when you are going custom."
  2. Customize Visible Features-  Griffin suggests investing in highly visible features in your home.  For example, window treatments and lampshades are highly visible features of the home, but are all too often ignored.  This is an area for high impact and bang for your buck.  "Always remember to take the lamp with you when shopping," according to Griffin.
  3. Customize Color- Numerous paint manufactures offer technology that allows you to achieve a perfect match between paint and that one-of-a-kind item you have.  
  4. Salvage and Tell- Using salvaged materials in a renovation isn't only green, it's also an opportunity to incorporate your family's history.  "We've always loved our heirlooms, but now we are looking at recycled and salvaged pieces in a different light."  said Griffin. 
  5. Don't Overlook the Ceiling- "The ceiling is the second biggest real estate after the floor...don't neglect it." Griffin said.  "Especially in small and awkward spaces, like the foyer or power room, stair hall.  Add a striking color, install wallpaper or add beams."  
Quick Tip- paint or a distressed finish is a quick way to add interest and character to that vintage piece, or even a big-box store purchase.  See TEAM-PRZADA, Housing Cents blog posts on chalk paint and distressed finishes for How-To Info!  

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