Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Don't Ignore Those Sounds On Your Roof.....

and other tips are certainly helpful to prevent winter wildlife problems, according to Bonnie Bradshaw with the Plano Star Courier.  Read on for her other tips.

1.  Don't provide a midnight buffet.  Birdseed, pet food and table scraps should be secured as to not be a temptation to wildlife.
2.  Don't put out a welcome mat.  Make sure you repair loose shingles, deteriorating boards or warped siding, as well as trim overhanging branches which provide an on-ramp to critters.
3. Don't forget friends in low places.  Cover crawlspace openings with heavy gauge, rust proof mesh.
4. Don't ignore the pitter-patter of little paws on your roof.  Go investigate! Wildlife that gain access to your attic can chew through electrical wires, cause water damage, and destroy attic insulation.  A good offense is the best defense in this case, see tip #2.
5. Spread the word.  If you see something, share with your neighbors.

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