Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Practical Applications for Pinterest...There Are A Few :)

I built my new house on Pinterest.....no really. Okay, okay, save the eye roll people, PUHLEEZE  :) I promise, this tip is worth it!

I suppose you could say I built my new house using Pinterest...in a matter of speaking.  Before we attended our design center appointments, I came up with a plan, you know, that left-brained, type A part of me just could not help it.  I did not want to be overwhelmed at the design center and I wanted to enjoy it....yes, I LOVE that kind of stuff....as long as I have a plan.  I knew we would be assigned to a designer, a fantastic one, as it turned out, but I was also warned by my stellar Realtors ;), that there are just SO many decisions to make in a predetermined amount of time....so....I used Pinterest to create lookboards to share with the designer.  As it turned out, SHE LOVED THE IDEA.  It was a great tool to use to communicate my vision for our new home, and it gave our wonderful designer a "jumping off point" for her to make relevant suggestions and help us bring our vision to life.  At the very least, a collection of photos can give clues to your design style that will help you and your designer make THE MOST of your time together.  I think it also provides that much appreciated insurance against that overwhelmed-eyes-glaze-over feeling while making your selections for your new-build home.  In the end...this strategy, along with being focused on what we wanted, and the good fortune of a wonderful designer proved to be a winner!

Using Pinterest boards to visually communicate what you want to create does not have to be limited to building a new home.  I can also recall an instance where I used a "pin" I found on Pinterest to show a contractor the type of board and batten I wished to hire him to install.  In my experience, it is really hard to have a misunderstanding on how a finished product will look when two people are operating from the same photo and the discussion it creates.

Users can create just about any type of Pinterest board they can think of and a smart phone or tablet in order to visually communicate ideas.  A DIY project that needs special materials from a home improvement store just begs for a photo to ensure the proper materials are purchased.  Users can also create a virtual landscaping plan to share with landscape professionals.  Users can create holiday shopping lists with the help of "secret" boards, as well as plan your upcoming Thanksgiving meal.  The possibilities are endless!!

Just in case Pinterest is new to you, here is the Pinterest 411:

  • Pinterest is a free, online, social, sharing site...think of it like a virtual bulletin board or file folders.  Each board is like its own file folder or bulletin board which, you, as the user create.  
  • As the user, you decide how to organize "your pins."  Your pins are images with embedded links to the original content on the web.  
  • You can select pins from other "pinners" (other users you follow), you can grab pins from the internet, (just be sure you GIVE CREDIT), or you can upload original content for others to pin and share.
  • If you see a great idea that you want to share with your dear friend, you can add his/her name in the comments or email it, and the pin will find your friend, as long as your friend is a fellow Pinterest user.
  • In order to use Pinterest, you have to sign up.  If you choose, you can link your account to your Facebook account.

What are you waiting for????  Start pinning..and while you are at it, check out TEAM-PRZADA on Pinterest.  

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