Friday, October 4, 2013

Chestnut Square...Oh YOU Know I'll Be There!

So as part of my mission to get to know my new city, McKinney, I have decided it is of the utmost importance to participate in local events.  You know, I JUST HAVE to get the vibe of my new hometown. Well, I couldn't think of a better way to accomplish this than to explore Downtown McKinney and all that it has to offer. SCORE!!!  I am in love! Thus far, we have enjoyed the following to date:

  1. The Trolley tour!
  2. Scare in the Square
  3. Shopping & Dining around Downtown- YUM!!
  4. ***My Personal Favorite*** The Historic Downtown McKinney Farmers Market, at Chestnut Square.  It is packed with farm fresh fruits & veggies, pasture raised and fed beef, goat cheese, "from scratch" salsa and wonderful tamales!  For the little ones, you'll find a hard-working blacksmith and live music. You can also visit the sweet goats, Collin & fun.  My personal picks:  make sure you check out Cita's Salsa and The Tamale Company.  Neither will disappoint.
As fall progresses, I certainly plan on taking advantage of the Legends of McKinney- Ghost Walk Tour and in the spring, I can't wait to take my little one to explore Living History at Chestnut Square  We will be sure to enjoy it! 

Just for pre-schoolers and Kindergartners!   Explore chores, games and crafts that kept the pioneers headed west busy.  Take pictures on a real tractor, wash clothes on a washboard, feed baby chickens and goats, play pioneer games, listen to a story in the schoolhouse and see demonstrations of spinning, blacksmithing, butter making and Dutch oven cooking. 
It is a joy to experience some of the events our new community has to offer.  Our adventures are certainly helping us understand why McKinney's slogan is Unique by Nature.  We encourage you to explore your community, wherever that may be.


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