Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What To Do??? this crazy seller's market if your home sells BEFORE you expect it to and you are not able to move right in to your next home????  Do you:

A) find an apartment lease that fits your time frame and kick it apt style?
B) go to a hotel and pay lots of $$$, but consider it a vaycay?
C) crash with a friend and hope to leave before you wear out your welcome?
D) select an extended stay hotel and live like the frequent business travelers do?

All joking aside, this scenario could very well happen to you if you list in the current market.  Each option is valid, but I suppose it depends upon your needs and the length of time you need an "in between home." 

Next question, what to do with all of your stuff?  Do you:
A) move it back home to Mom & Dad's garage?
B) find a storage facility?
C) select a PODS container? 
Again, your selection depends upon your time frame and your needs. 

Recently, we were faced with this same situation....three weeks between day of closing/move out of our old home-day of closing/move into our new home.  Given the amount of stuff we have, our three week time frame and the fact that a 4 y.o. and two big doggies come with us, we opted for an extended stay at a business type hotel.  It is three weeks in a hotel, but if you have to find an extended stay, it is pretty great.  We have a two bedroom suite and they allow up to two pets.  There is a sport court, a pool and a gym on site and they provide a pretty good breakfast EVERYDAY as well as happy hour/dinner Monday-Thursday.  Check out TEAM-PRZADA's Vendor List for a link to the Hyatt House in Addison, if you wish to find more details.  THE stuff, where did that go?  Well, we were a bit all over the map on that one.  About 1/3 of our possessions are in a PODS storage facility somewhere and the remaining possessions are in three separate storage units at another storage facility.  Storing all of our belongings now is a far different story than it was in my college days.  Ha!

All in all, it's a pretty good problem to have, isn't it, because it means our house SOLD and FAST!  I think I should wish the same for you! ;)

Good luck out there, friends, listing and buying!

              ~ Urban-Mama

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer Plans With The Littles????

As the school year closes and summer heats up are you staring at an empty calendar?  Are you thinking, what will we {me + my kids} do with all of our free time this summer?  Well, check out Dallas Child magazine's extremely helpful calendar link.  In just a few easy clicks, you can see, select and plan your month's worth of activities with your little sweetie [s].  #you'rewelcomeverymuch