Wednesday, April 24, 2013

La Craie, La What???? what I have to say about my latest crafty venture!!!  This past weekend, I took a beginning painting class to learn how to use Maison Blanche La Craie Paint.  What am I painting you may wonder?  Well....what ever I WANT, yo!!  My purpose was to learn how to paint furniture.  Let me put it this way....I am never going to be the sand, re-sand, strip, stain or paint and buff kind of gal!  It's just not gonna happen people.  My life is too C-R-A-Z-Y.    In fact, I've wanted to paint several pieces of furniture for a looooong time now, but the thought of all of those steps kept me in just-thinking-about-it-mode.  And sadly, those lovely pieces are just collecting dust in storage. 

Fast forward to an impending move.....and the need for some new OR new-to-me furniture. This was JUST the motivation I needed to create a plan to get painting!!!  So.....enter Southern Vintage Glam, Maison Blanche and the FAB-U-LOUS April!  Are you scratching your head, yet???   Southern Vintage Glam is a charming boutique and salon in downtown Plano.  One trip and I was HOOKED.  They sell the most divine jewelry, gifts, women's clothing and those perfect accent pieces that you-know-you-have-to-have-them-as-soon-as-you-see-them, and PAINT, (the BEST paint, I might add).  Located in the back of the store, is a salon.  All of this lifestyle genius is created and run by April!  April is so passionate about "picking" and turning a ho-hum find into a treasure.  She accomplishes this by using a little repair know-how and Maison Blanche La Craie Paint!  It is a gift that she shares her knowledge with others through classes. This past weekend, in fact, I had the great, fun-fortune to be one of her students.  In the Beginner's La Craie class, I learned how to prep my piece, use Maison Blanche La Craie Paint, methods to distress my creation, and how to seal it using two different types of wax.  The tips and tricks I gleaned, along with practice have certainly given me the confidence to tackle my treasured pieces I wish to reinvent.  I have to give a resounding shout out to the makers of Maison Blanche La Craie Paint because it is very low, if any, VOC.  No terrible fumes certainly makes this EarthMama very happy.  No priming either!!!  That alone makes the prospect of painting furniture and a variety of surfaces seem like an achievable goal rather than a dream.  The best part has to be how much fun I had learning from April.  She is a hoot and all that term Southern Vintage Glam implies. 

Check out my first foray into furniture painting! I went for a shabby chic look.  However, that is not the only "look" you can achieve with Maison Blanche Paint.  For more information on the paint, the skills, classes or Southern Vintage Glam, check out their website or facebook page

Happy "picking" and painting y'all!
~ UrbanMama

picking- /pik-ing/ colloquial verb ;) - defined as the art of browsing estate sales, flea markets, junk and finding a hidden gem just waiting to be loving transformed!