Monday, March 4, 2013

Do YOU See What I See????

Plan the road. Plan the road.
Mark it on the map.
Hammer in the marking pegs.

Move the earth. Move the earth.
Dig and cut and push.
Clear a pathway for the road.

-Roadwork, by Sally Sutton*Illustrated by Brian Lovelock

In keeping with our theme of building, I thought I might quote one of my three year old's favorite books, Roadwork.  It seems fitting as seemingly everywhere we drive these days, we see construction work being done.  This is a constant theme in our lives, but also the lives of fellow North Texans.  If you find your car driving along 121 or even North of 121, new housing developments among other things, seem to pop up at a blistering rate.  My son just loves to point out road graders, excavators, dump trucks, front loaders and skid steers.  It's almost as if they have taken on a life of their own as Frisco/Allen/McKinney's native animal species in the midst of a population boom!!

Check out just a FEW of the new communities and their builders in our area.  FYI: The community websites with all builder information is linked in the name of the community.  Otherwise, there is no community website and individual builders are listed under the community name. 


Just in case you have a construction crazy little boy or girl.....

~ UrbanMama

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