Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chalk Paint, Dazzle, Muscle Power & Pins...Hmmm

Do you ever look at a piece of furniture that has seen better days and think, with a little effort, I could make that look really good? I do this all the time.  When I see pieces of furniture discarded in the alley or at garage sales, placed in estate sales, or even familiar pieces around my house, it causes me to rethink their potential.  
I don’t remember when this hobby of  re-purposing furniture began, but I am sure it came out of necessity….you know, the old struggle between staying on budget vs. wanting all NEW furniture in a fit of re-decoration!  Enter ingenuity!   All you really need to refinish furniture is a little muscle power, creativity, a place to work, and the right tools.  There are several things you can do to furniture to change its tired appearance:
  • strip the finish and restain
  • sand the finish and repaint
If the above do not appeal to you, then a new technique I have discovered just might be it!  Anna Sloan Chalk Paint is a new type of paint.  It is so wonderful.  All you really have to do to achieve best results is make sure the piece is clean, then paint.
I stumbled upon this product while reading the Dallas Morning News. Once I read about it, I was hooked.  I purchased my first color and re-did a coffee table, which I happened to find in an alley. {ahem...ahem} With the help of my husband, and his re-construction skills, we created a unique coffee table that looks great! I purchased my paint in McKinney, Texas at The Lady Butterbug,   Currently; they have a booth at in the Frisco Mercantile in Frisco,Texas.  I have had so much fun working with this paint because there is not much prep-time involved, and you are able to bask in the fruits of your labor much sooner!   If there are some rough edges on the furniture, I might sand them down a little but that’s about marathon sanding sessions here! There are so many wonderful and fun colors to choose from.  It certainly makes the current trend of bringing color into your home a piece of cake. I am about to start work on a table soon so be sure to watch for the Before and After photos on Pinterest!  That's right readers.....TEAM-PRZADA is now on Pinterest.  Check us out and let us know what you think about that next piece of furniture you can't help but make plans to make it dazzle again! 

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