Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Yes, I typed the word easy and I intend it to describe my latest appliance buying experience.  That is seldom the case, right?  At least for us, it seems, we have had some bad luck with appliance purchase, installation, or service recently. 

When you discover that a new appliance purchase is in your immediate future, your thoughts and emotions can run the gambit from frustration at expense, to excitement for the payoff new technology brings to your life.  Unfortunately, most of the time, infuriating antics seem to accompany dealing with installers and delivery of said appliance.  Well, this tale is very happy AND short!  Seriously, our most recent appliance purchase was.... simply put, EASY!!!  Not long ago, the hubs and I decided it was time to purchase a new single wall oven and microwave.  Our normal M.O. is to get three estimates, then consult our research numerous times before we make a decision, (let me tell you, dear readers, I am NOT one to miss a deal and overpay.  I WILL find the most competitive price, in fact, I think it's kind of in my blood).  We *briefly* researched prior to our first outing, in order to get a feel for pricing.  Our "brick and mortar" search began at  Gold Star Appliance & Lighting in Richardson, Texas.  I do mean the same one that seems to have been just East of Central Expressway for as long as I have been conscious.  In fact, I think my folks shopped there when they were building their first Plano home, oh so many years ago!  Anyway, we intended to make this stop our first of three, mainly to gain knowledge about brands and features, rather than purchase.  The Mr. and I both thought Gold Star couldn't possibly beat the big box store pricing.  We were W.R.O.N.G.  As the three of us, (yes, we were crazy enough to bring a three year old along with us) ambled up the stairs and entered the store, we were met by the most amiable and knowledgeable sales associate, Stanley Quist.  He was disarming, but certainly knew his products.  Rather than hit us with a hard sales pitch, he was a resource with an honest approach.  We spouted our must-haves and our kitchen's space constraints.  We discussed price and installation.  My husband and I were so impressed with the product, Mr. Stanley's (as our three year old christened him) overview, and Gold Star's PRICE, that we were sold.  There really was no reason to shop anywhere else, PERIOD,( just to satisfy my inner deal hunter, that night, I scoured the Internet for a better price.  I came up empty, yo!).  Gold Star's pricing was more than competitive, it blew the big box stores away.  Fast forward to the installation process.  It was simple!   Stanley set up the delivery AND called when he said he would....which is HUGE, people!  In the entire process, there was only one hiccup.  It was an manufacturer availability issue.  We were notified promptly and Mr. Quist outlined three options, I selected one and before I knew it, we were basking in the glow of a beautiful, new, fully-functioning, wall oven and microwave.  The three year old was so impressed, he even slowed down long enough to watch as our dinner was baked to perfection the first time we used the oven.   Upon reflection, I've determined the most challenging part of this process to be learning about convection cooking...uptown problems, I know!! 

Experiences can be unique, but for this Urban-Mama, Stanley Quist and Gold Star Appliance & Lighting is truly our one-stop shop for appliances!  See, I said it was EASY!!!

~ Urban Mama

 Kitchen Bling!! 

Monday, July 16, 2012


Date night is always fun, right?  Well, this one will go into the books as GREAT!  Pat and I spent a delightful evening last Friday at the Winspear Opera House in the Dallas ArtsDistrict!  Have you been there?  We have attended two different shows and have fallen in love!  There is not a bad seat in the house.  The experience at the Winspear is very comfortable, easy maneuvering coming and going….the parking is underground, an escalator or elevator take you exactly where you need to go.  On Friday, we saw the Jersey Boys, one of our favorite shows because of the great energy and fun music from the ‘60’s.  We arrived early and hung out in the lobby bar, (GREAT for people watching) area until it was time for the “Boys” to take stage. 

If you are thinking of taking in a show this summer, Chicago- TheMusical runs from August 14th through the 16th.  Go, make a night of it!  You won't be sorry you did.  The Dallas Arts District and the Winspear are just two reasons North Texas is such a great place to call home!