Wednesday, May 30, 2012


First of all, we are honored, and we say a big "Thank YOU", to you!  This past January, we received a call, telling us that we had been selected, in the Dallas Ft Worth area, as Five Star Professional Realtors for 2012.  We were told the honor would be announced in the May issue of Texas Monthly Magazine!

This is very exciting...not to mention rewarding, for our team as our clients recommended us for this award!  A client satisfaction survey was sent to over 126,200 households, asking client participants to rate their Realtors on nine areas of service.  In the final count, we were extremely pleased to have scored in the top 1% out of 61,000 Realtors in this region! 

We appreciate this honor.  We appreciate even more our clients who thought enough of us and our personal service to take time to complete the survey.  It is always a great feeling to be honored for a job “well done”and by people whom we have helped fulfill a dream!

Friday, May 18, 2012

LOST Dallas?

Have you ever heard, "Dallas has NO history?"  Have you ever thought it or said it?  I have heard that all my life.  I know it is not completely true.  I mean my goodness, there is a history of the city, you can find it in classroom text books, or on wikipedia.  I think the true meaning behind this statement hints at the frustration people feel when they see how quick the city of Dallas has been to tear down and rebuild...all in the name of new.

I found myself thinking about this, and what was, after I stumbled upon a podcast a few weeks ago.  It was from the program, Think, on NPR.  The topic was a discussion with author and preservationist, Mark Doty.  He has just written a book, Lost Dallas, a Look at a Vanished City.  It delves into a previous world in which the sometime- rundown businesses on Ross Avenue did not exist. In their place stood a tree-lined, majestic and monied collection of mansions rivaling Swiss Avenue.  This podcast is really worth a listen.  I've found myself many times staring at the old Dallas High School building which butts up to the DART Pearl station.  Each time I see it, I imagine what it must have been like in its heyday.  I can almost hear the bustling teenagers, scurrying to make it from class to class before tardy.  This podcast gives you a rare glimpse of many other examples of Dallas history. As I listened, I was invited to imagine what Dallas was before "progress" took over.   The insightful interview also paints a wonderful picture of the city's current historical buildings, giving me a context from which to appreciate the many things I do see in my travels to downtown.  I am certain the book is even more inviting and interesting.  In fact, I think it will top my "summer reading" list.  How about you?

One of Dallas's Art Deco masterpieces, the Esquire Theater was near the intersection of Oak Lawn Ave. and Cedar Springs Rd.  As pictured in 1931, found in Lost Dallas, by Mark Doty, the theater was torn down in 1985.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mi Casa es Su Casa?

Is it really???  Have you ever happened upon a charming neighborhood, intrigued by the architecture, the landscaping, the very feeling it inspired?  Have you ever found yourself scheming a way to get a look inside interesting homes,(no that would be creepy), wanting a peek inside?  Well, unless you fortuitously meet a resident of said neighborhood, who just happens to invite you over for dinner, that's probably not going to happen.....UNLESS the neighborhood hosts an annual home tour!  That's how we spent last Sunday.  It was beyond great for this period architecture obsessed gal.

The Hollywood/Santa Monica Neighborhood Association for the Hollywood Heights/Santa Monica subdivision of Dallas just hosted their annual home tour.  It was capped off by the Art in the Park festival, complete with gourmet food trucks, showcased art and even a dog adoption event.  We had a fantastic day.  Even the smallest (my three year old) of us had a great time!  As for the home tour, five fantastic examples of period homes were showcased.  All had been lovingly restored, improved, expanded, or all three.  Check out the association's website for more information on the architectural styles, history of the neighborhood, and events. 

If this sounds like the perfect way to spend a weekend afternoon, well, YOU are in luck, as the Swiss Avenue Historic District presents its Annual Swiss Avenue Mother's Day Home Tour on May 12th and May 13th, 2012.  Swiss Avenue boasts a wonderful collection of period architecture, such as Tudor, Italian Romanesque, Prairie, Craftsman among other examples of 20th century architecture.  If you go, be sure to post on North Texas Lifestyle that you were there!  We'd LOVE to hear from you!

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