Monday, March 19, 2012

Home Decor and Pinterest...Sounds Like the Perfect Way to Spend An Afternoon...

As promised, here is a taste of the decor trends for 2012.  These trends made their debut in 2011, but are going so strong that style experts predict they will be white hot this year.  For more information AND visuals= eye candy, check out colourlovers blog. 

  • Owls & Birds
  • Wall Art- The Family Tree (I've been mulling this one over in my mind)
  • Stair Makeovers
  • Ruffles, Ruffles &  More Ruffles
So...what's this Pinterest, I teased in this week's newsletter?  Well, it is nothing short of greatness!  It is a social site, kind of like Facebook....think of it as a virtual bulletin board where you can pin your favorite images, links, recipes, ideas, and projects.  You can have as many boards as you want, organize them any way you want, share them with friends AND browse other people's boards, too.  You can use Pinterest for a lookbook to plan a party, decorate a room, keep track of a decorator's TO DO list, create a wish list ....the lifestyle possibilities are literally endless.  Surf on over and see for yourself.  Be warned, though, time does not stand still while you get lost in Pinterest and its millions of beautiful ideas.

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