Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Are You Ready?

Well, fellow North Texans...spring brings two types of weather:  Extreme and Lovely.  Personally, we prefer the latter.  Anyway, to help you prepare for the extreme and enjoy the lovely, we want to share two of our favorite Facebook resources. 

For the extreme, nail-biting storms we seem to be so prone to, check out Prepared in Plano  This Facebook page keeps you up to date with all severe weather alerts and local city and emergency information for the City of Plano.  It comes in SERIOUSLY handy during those nasty, unpredictable spring storms that knock out your dish, satellite, cable, etc., rendering your TV useless, (just when you need it the most).  We have spent many a storm, sirens wailing, huddled in the hall bathroom, glued to this page on our iPad.  Prepared in Plano posts weather alerts, watches, and warnings in real-time status updates.  In addition, they also post information regarding water restrictions, ERCOT notifications and local safety information. 

NOW…for the lovely weather!  North Texas spring days are truly a treasure.  You know, those days, that you are so thankful to live here and enjoy the beautiful sunshine and delicious temperatures, (this is of course before the searing heat makes its way to our area to make even the simplest tasks impossible and you remember it is your goal in life to plot and scheme to live ANYWHERE but here).  On those lovely spring days, I want…. no I need to be outside.  If you feel the same way, then make your plans for leisure using Playground Perspectives.  This Facebook page gives you the low-down on local parks and trails.  The resourceful ladies behind this page also have a great blog site, too.  On the blog, you can find parks and trails categorized by zip code, along with helpful information about park features.  Using this resource has allowed me to rediscover some of the hidden gems my city and the surrounding areas have to offer. 

Happy spring!  Let’s hope the lovely weather out numbers the extreme!

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