Sunday, March 4, 2012

Are You Looking For a Way to Donate Your Large Furniture?

Have you been lucky enough to buy new furniture...a bedroom suit, dining room table, or a great new sofa?  If so, what did you do with your "old stuff?"  Recently, we were faced with this same question.  It can be a real problem if you want to donate good-condition furniture without owning your own truck.  In researching possible solutions, we discovered a few charities that not only accept large furniture items, but also pick up your items, too. 

What an can responsibility pass along your used furniture and help others in need along the way.  Check out our list of great charities:

Plano Community Charities-  A representative will pick up your donation furniture or anything else that is gently used, but still has life.  If it is a bed and someone walks into their store and is in immediate need, Plano Community Charities will make sure that individual's need is met right then and there. Most items are initially put into their store where people come to shop for items at a fair price.  The profits from PCC's store is then used to help people in our community who are unable to pay their electric, water or gas bills.  Plano Community Charity is located at 2436 Avenue K in East Plano.  To schedule a pick up, call 972-578-0399, or visit Plano Community Charity Finder.

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