Tuesday, February 21, 2012

To Food Truck Or Not?

Whether you are a true foodie or not, you will certainly feel like one while strolling the line of food trucks in the Dallas Arts District.  On a recent outing to the Dallas Art Museum, my son and I strolled down to Flora Street, about a block from the DMA's north exit.  It was a bit chilly, but a perfect Dallas winter's day nonetheless.  Picnic tables with young professionals, seasoned mega career types and everything in between dotted the lush strip of green grass along the sidewalk of an otherwise concrete swath. My little man and I were overwhelmed with choices.  We saw food trucks with names like Ruthie's Rolling Cafe, Rock Star Taco, The Butcher's Son and Easy Slider which lined Flora Street for the lunch hour and a bit beyond.  Once we saw the testimonial menu for gourmet grilled cheeses on the side of Ruthie's Rolling Cafe, we were sold!  While the grilled cheese were good, we decided they might not be as good as the ones I create at home, (slightly off-beat grilled cheeses happen to be my speciality).  What was good great was the experience of choosing my food in a unique way and eating along side the bustling street with an unknown community of lunch mates who were sharing the same experience.  This experience certainly met our criteria...fun, interesting...and a launchpad for building new vocabulary and a great topic of conversation a mama and a little boy (ok, I know that last one really  pertains to me).  I enjoyed it and my son certainly did, too!  In fact, we now have a hot wheels "food twuck"  that regularly makes an appearance during playtime at home. 

To plan your own Big D Food Truck experience check out Big D Food Trucks.  You can find them all over DFW.  You might just discover your next favorite adventure.  It certainly was a hit with this Urban family!!

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