Tuesday, December 6, 2011

5 Tips to GREEN Your Holiday!

Merry everything and happy always!  What a lovely time of year it is.  People are making plans, celebrating, entertaining and gift-giving.  With wishes for peace, and good will to others, why not show a little kindness to "mother earth," as well.  ;)  Here are five tips that will help you celebrate, entertain and give a little greener this year. 

  1. Green Your Clean- Skip the strong artificial colors and fragrances and harsh cleansers.  Many household cleansers are unnecessarily hazardous, and can "off-gas" and cause indoor air pollution.   Instead, use simple recipes, from the daily green,  with vinegar, baking soda and the like. It  will do just as good a job without any of the risks. 
  2. Consider Making a Charitable Donation in Lieu of Holiday Gifts-  If you believe it really is the thought that counts, then why not put your money where it makes a difference!  Instead of a manufactured gift, choose a charity close to your heart to make a donation in your loved one's honor. 
  3. Wrap It Up-  Take a look at your gift wrapping.  Can you REDUCE the amount of paper you use by displaying the gift or adding only a ribbon?  Can you REUSE a household item as gift wrap?  Check out the geniuses at the website brown paper packages for a great example of this!  Finally, if a gift bag or wrapping paper is a must, try to find gift wrap made from RECYCLED paper. 
  4. Recycle It!-  When the opening of gifts and packages is finally over, put a family member in charge of collecting all boxes, paper and cardboard inserts to place in your recycle bin.  What little one wouldn't LOVE the job of Recycle Captain???
  5. Serve Sustainably & Ethically-  This can sometimes be pricey, but makes you feel oh so great!  When menu planning for your celebration, consider shopping at local farmers markets for locally grown produce.  Whole Foods has a code of ethics, and promotes humane meat and poultry production, treatment.   

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