Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Short Term Pain for Long Term Gain

Short term pain for long term gain…..yes, that is the way I feel today!  We recently made the decision to move forward to the final three major updates to our 1973 vintage home!  That would be removing the last of the wallpaper and "popcorn" off the ceiling of our Master area, repainting the paneling in the Family Room and finally, adding granite to the master bath!  Yea!  Here, eleven days before Thanksgiving, my house looks like a disaster!  Thank goodness for the next eleven days!

 The good news is, after two days of living in the kitchen and guest bedroom, we are beginning to see the beautiful job our painter and his crew have done for us.  It seems the stress of choosing the right colors and texture has melted into, WOW, I think we made some great choices. 

In the Family Room, on the previously painted paneling, we chose for the first coat to be oil base Kliz,  and second  Latex.   This dries a very creamy color with depth.   Finally, all our wood trim through-out the house is now painted Navajo White by Sherman Williams.  It is a soft color with slight golden hues, which really brings our home together.

In our master, we chose Ivory for the walls. It is in the same color pallet, just a shade darker.  The room looks pretty great with the lighter trim, way nice texture in the bath area with tea glaze, new light and plumbing fixtures.

The hinges on our cabinets can’t be found and are hard to replace because of how they were installed in 1973!  We were introduced to a product that you can spray on metal or wood to change the color.  In this case, we wanted to go from antique gold to oil rubbed bronze.  This magic product is RUST-OLEUM, UNIVERSAL Advanced Formula, Metallic, All Surface Paint which can be purchased at Home Depot.  We LOVE it!!!

I guess the moral to this story is, when time and $ permit;  go through the short term pain for the long term gain to make your home special.  You will be glad you did, after all, you can enjoy it daily for a long time and when it is time to sell, you have increased your home's value.

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