Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Considering an Update to Your Home?

“I want to sell my house, what up-dates should I consider?”  Is a question we are asked over and over.  Well…..

·       In the Kitchen, new appliances, counter tops and cabinets are awesome!  Granite is gorgeous but some man-made materials like, Silestone, look nice and get the job done.  To change the look of an older kitchen, cabinets can often be painted with new hardware added.  It is a good idea for all appliances to be the same color.  A counter-depth fridge can open up a walk-way and make the room look and feel larger. 
·       Depending on the condition of the bathroom shower and bathtub, often a new tub or shower surround, repainted cabinets with new hardware and plumbing fixtures make a huge difference in the eye of the buyer.  New toilets are a plus but replacing them depends on the condition of existing toilet(s).
·       We've heard it said that paint and carpet sell houses; both are inexpensive compared to updating kitchens and bathrooms.  Choose colors that are neutral in both cases.  Also, an upgraded carpet pad does wonders for a lower grade carpet!
·       Tile can be tricky… several different tile colors and styles through-out the house can be a turn off for buyers but taking up tile and then replacing tile is expensive.
·       Ready for a suggestion that is free…..put your buyer’s hat on and walk through your house!  What do you see?  Do you need to declutter or “thin out” as we like to say?  When your home is listed, items can be organized in the garage or a storage unit.
·       Have you checked the closets?  In the Master closet especially, hangers should be 3/4 inch apart with floor space organized and decluttered.  All closets should be decluttered and organized, this makes them look larger.
·       Clean, clean, clean….the house should sparkle from day 1 of listing!
·       Don’t forget curb appeal, flower beds should be clean with fresh mulch, place colorful plants in several front beds or pots.  The backyard should be rid of animal waste with patios clean and inviting.  Cut shrubs and tree limbs away from the roof and lawn should be mowed and edged.

As a seller, what you do to prepare your home for the market is your choice. However, “thinning out” and “cleaning to a sparkle” is a must!  The preparation must be complete before pictures are taken and the first buyer allowed to walk through the door.  Through experience, we know that in today’s market, the home should be in the top 30% of condition and updates to sell quickly and for the best dollar.

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