Thursday, October 20, 2011


HOWDY FOLKS, WELCOME TO THE STATE FAIR OF TEXAS!  If you haven’t experienced the sights, sounds and smells of the state fair, you have missed a fall experience rich with culture and tradition! 

My first memories of  the State Fair of Texas involved my parents'  stories of riding the Interurban Railway from West (near Waco), Texas, north to Dallas.  This once-a-year fair experience, soon included me!  The journey took hours, bouncing along the old railroad tracks, but the excitement and memories of the midway, mouth watering food and rustic charm of Fairpark, lasted me and my family, through the cold winter months.

Last year we had our own family day at the fair with our major focus being a “first fair experience” for our 18 month-old grandson! It was a fabulous day with beautiful North Texas fall weather and unlike the creaky rail car, we rode on the streamlined DART Light Rail!  The ride took about an hour from Plano in total air conditioned comfort. Two of our favorite attractions, other than the “low cal” food court and Automobile Building, were the recently updated aquarium and petting zoo!  The nightly parade was a perfect ending to a long but terrific day.

We will be making the same trip before the fair closes on Sunday, October 23rd.  We  plan a full day of seeing the sights, eating our favorite treats, walking the Midway, visiting the animals and watching the nightly parade before we climb back on the DART for our trip back to Plano.  I know we will all be exhausted, but with happy hearts for the opportunity to share this fun experience, yet another year, as a family.

 If you are thinking of visiting the fair, here are a  couple of tips for you….DART is inexpensive and drops you at the main gate.  Most week days, there are coupons or other cost cutting measures to get into the grounds.  Kroger is the place for discounted tickets not found at the fair gate!  TEAMPRZADA wishes you a great day at the State Fair of Texas, AKA Fired Food Capital of Texas! HA!!

JUST IN CASE YOU are OBSESSED with the annual fried, sometimes bizarre food selection at The Fair..... Enjoy!

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