Monday, August 29, 2011

Plano's Balloon Festival

WHAT, you may ask is the oldest, successful human-carrying flight technology?  Why it's the hot air balloon, of course!  According to Wikipedia, which seems to have history on just about everything, the hot air balloon dates back to 1782 and the Montgolfier brothers in France.  Fast forward to the mid-1970's and that's when hot air balloons embraced kitsch!  You know, flying hot dogs, cows, a light bulb, the head of darth's just the sight to make little children squeal with delight and the rest of us scratch our heads and say "hmmmm." 

WHY, you may ask is TEAM-PRZADA blogging about hot air balloons?  Well, Plano's 2011 Balloon festival is upon us.  September 16th - September 18th the skies of Plano, Texas will be full of the colorful, floating and kitschy!  The festival is located at Oak Point Park in East Plano.  There will be a skydiving show, concerts, a kids' zone and tons of yummy food.  Check out the website for event details.  We hope to see you under the balloons!

SERIOUSLY....I couldn't resist!

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