Monday, August 29, 2011

Plano's Balloon Festival

WHAT, you may ask is the oldest, successful human-carrying flight technology?  Why it's the hot air balloon, of course!  According to Wikipedia, which seems to have history on just about everything, the hot air balloon dates back to 1782 and the Montgolfier brothers in France.  Fast forward to the mid-1970's and that's when hot air balloons embraced kitsch!  You know, flying hot dogs, cows, a light bulb, the head of darth's just the sight to make little children squeal with delight and the rest of us scratch our heads and say "hmmmm." 

WHY, you may ask is TEAM-PRZADA blogging about hot air balloons?  Well, Plano's 2011 Balloon festival is upon us.  September 16th - September 18th the skies of Plano, Texas will be full of the colorful, floating and kitschy!  The festival is located at Oak Point Park in East Plano.  There will be a skydiving show, concerts, a kids' zone and tons of yummy food.  Check out the website for event details.  We hope to see you under the balloons!

SERIOUSLY....I couldn't resist!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Say Hello to Maxwell Creek!

Have you ever been driving around, looking at houses on a Sunday afternoon and stumbled on a neighborhood you loved?  Pat and I feel that way about Maxwell Creek in Murphy!  The homes range in age from early 2000 to present, mostly with upscale amenities like granite, stainless, many with hardwood floors, stone and the list goes on….Driving through this neighborhood, you notice pride of ownership in curving, wide streets, well maintained homes, manicured lawns  as well as a walking/jogging trail and a water park for family fun.
Wylie ISD serves this area with Tibbals Elementary housing grades K-4.  It is truly a neighborhood school where students, in many cases, can walk to school with friends and maybe even their best four legged, furry friends.  Tibbals has an exemplary rating; more information about Wylie ISD can be found on the following website.
There are several new home builders in Maxwell Creek, we happen to be the most familiar with K Hovnanian, selling four of their homes last year.  Standard Pacific and First Texas Homes are two of the other builders you will find building in the community.

Maxwell Creek is located just east of Plano, north of Hwy 544 and East of Murphy Road.  It is convenient to Hwy 75 and the George Bush Turnpike (190).   To search this subdivision, visit our website,, click on featured properities, new search and select search by subdivision.  Happy searching!