Monday, July 25, 2011

Two NO NON-"Cents" Tips to Beat the Heat

Is this ridiculous trend of triple digit heat starting to get to you?  We've noticed that everyone seems to be a bit on edge during this extreme heat.  If your aim is to find ways to keep your cool, READ ON!!

1.  Make Sure your Air Conditioning System is Well Maintained and Cools Properly.

NO one, and we repeat, NO one likes it when the AC suddenly stops working in the heat of the summer.  We, at TEAM-PRZADA, use John Schniederjan with Elect Air Services, Inc.  John is fair, provides customers with honest information and reputable service.  He's our go-to guy when things get too hot!   Call him at 972-867-8008. 

2.  Hire someone to Mow Your Lawn or Tend to Your Landscape.

Do you really want to tackle mowing your yard in this super-hot heat?  The answer is probably no, unless it is a part of your work out routine!  Ha!  We use Erwin Aju, Los Primos Lawn Care Service,  and his crew to keep our yard in tip-top shape.  They do a great job and are wonderfully dependable.  Call Erwin at 469-422-5532.

We hope you can keep your cool during this hot, hot summer!  For more information regarding our Vendors, please check out our Vendor List.

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