Thursday, April 19, 2018

To Roomba or Not To Roomba?

Yes, that is THE question we had been asking ourselves.  We have a SERIOUS dog fur problem, and when I say serious, I mean it.  We have these two cuties...Tucker & Lola!
Tucker Blue
Lola Bug
Everyone seems to wear their fur...residents and visitors alike!  I love to vacuum, I really do, and we have a great OLD Dyson vacuum that takes care of the fur brilliantly, order to make a difference in the war against fur balls, I would have to vacuum EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. That is not happening people!  I mean, who has time to do that? Well, enter the Roomba, or "UrbanSnoopy" as we have renamed her.  She is amazing.  When some of my friends told me that they purchased a robotic vacuum, I thought they were crazy.  I mean to each his own and I totally supported the freedom to choose how to make your chore load a bit lighter, #noneofmybusiness, but.... I always thought I had more impactful ways to spend our household budget.  Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when I was sitting on a dear friend's floor playing with her son.  I was so impressed with how clean and dust/fur free her floors were.  I remarked as such, privately thinking about what amount of fur be stuck to my pants if we were on my floors, enough to make a new dog???? Probably. I mentioned this to the Urban-Mr. off offhandedly, and voila, Snoopy came into our lives last weekend.  She has already proven to be a worth-while investment and a fun new pet!!! 


No promotional consideration was given by iRobot for me to author this blogpost.  I simply purchased the product and enjoy it. 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Look Who is Featured on Voyage Dallas!!

Wow!  We are so grateful for this opportunity!  Voyage Dallas is an online magazine highlighting the influencers, small businesses, and artists of Dallas and its surrounding communities. Their mission is to feature entrepreneurs, and local risk-takers.  We are honored to be one of them!!


From Voyage Dallas
"We love small businesses, mom-n-pops, and hole-in-the-walls. 
We’re not snobs, but we aren’t fond of most chains.  
We think independent entrepreneurs, freelancers and other risk takers make our cities exciting 
to live in.  We cherish the rebel spirit, we don’t think just a handful of large 
corporations should control all of our commerce and we think smores with vegan 
marshmallows are better than normal marshmallows. We respect people and 
organizations that take the path less traveled.  We root for the underdogs and we almost
 never say no to pizza.
And finally, we want the stories we share to help give our big city a little bit 
of that small town community charm, where people know each other and 
their stories at a deeper, more personal level."

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Legacy Food Hall- YES PLEASE!!!

So, if you are loyal facebook TEAM-PRZADA fans and follow us on both North Texas Lifestyle and our TEAM-PRZADA fan page, you might have seen me post that I was "doing research," AKA eating EVERYthing at Legacy Food Hall in preparation for a blog post!  Well, here it is!  Currently, my number of trips to this oh-so-fun establishment stands at 3!  Come spring break, I think it is safe to say that my visit count may increase!

Detour, Freshfin Poke Co., Forno Nero

Good To Know: 
  • There is literally something for EVERYone!  From pizza to banh mi, donuts to macaroons, to Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken, to Soul Food, charcuterie to lob'sta rolls to poke bowls, THIS place is sure to please. My son even loves it! There is really such a wide variety here.  So much more than even mentioned! They bill themselves as "Chef Inspired.  Foodie Favored. Drink + Dine + Discover" It is certainly a fun and flavorful adventure!
  • There are three levels.  The first floor has the widest variety of cuisine. The second floor is home to a few more, along with a brewery and outdoor eating space.  On floor number three, sits a full scale bar.  
  • They do not take cash, well, sort of.  In accordance with health code, the servers do not handle dollars and change.  Only and debit, as well as a reverse ATM set up.  If you have cash, you can find the kiosk entitled "Fill Up Your HallPa$$," and feed it your cash.  This machine will spit out a hall pass with the same amount you preloaded. That way, you can present this hall pass/Legacy Food Hall debit card as your form of payment. 
  • Parking can be tricky, but....the parking garages have a digital solution for that!  Each level show the number of spaces in "real time" that are available. But, beware, go ahead and wear your "cute shoes," but make sure they are your "cute WALKING shoes." 
  • If you want to avoid crowds, this urban-mama suggests going at off-dining times, such as prior to 11 am and after 2pm. 

Everett and Elaine, Glazed Donut Works, Press Waffle Company, BerryNaked and Haute Sweets Patisserie

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Home Decor Trendwatch 2018

images courtesy Houzz, from left to right Interiors by Odette Design Group Sea Pointe Construction Suzi Appel Photography Carl Mattison Design

Welcome back TEAM-PRZADA Clients & Friends to our Annual Home Décor Trend Watch!  2018 is now in-full swing, and so are the décor trends.  Here at TEAM-PRZADA, we tend to skew more towards moderation in all things, especially trends, but it is nice to know what they are. YOU can decide whether or not you wish to let this year’s trends be inspiration or to fully embrace those new ideas and replicate them in your abode.  Whichever manner you wish to proceed, TEAM-PRZADA considers it a privilege to keep you up to date on all things real estate…trends, décor, real estate stats, homeowner questions, you name us! 
We surveyed a variety of sources and found from HouseBeautiful to Pinterest  to Elle Décor to HouzzThe Wall Street Journal, to Deringhall Décor, 2018’s buzz words create a feeling of home, coziness and warmth.  When researching for this article, a few adjectives popped up over and over..comfortable, rich, textured, lived-in, bold, warm, layered, curved and natural. Let’s take a look at the trends, grouped by category. For more information and visual examples of 2018’s Home Décor Trends, be sure to click on the links above!
Kitchens- Gone are the days of the all-white kitchens with lots of stainless steel.  What’s next to take center stage? Color, think gray/blue, navy and 2018’s Pantone Color of the Year…Ultra-Violet, these colors appear in cabinetry and accents.  Warmer wood is also on trend, and shows up in cabinetry, flooring, and even countertops.  Also big for countertops, are details and practicality, such as dedicated chopping blocks, baking stations, even antibacterial finishes from K-Life.  2018 also ushers in the rise of the open-floorplan-yet-defined-kitchen, meaning, the home's floorplan is open and flows from one area to the other, but the kitchen area remains defined structural elements such as columns or a half-wall. More kitchen trends up for 2018, gorgeous fish-scale patterned backsplash, and using the ubiquitous subway tile, but in a larger format to give it an unexpected punch.  Darker countertops, quartz rather than granite, trough and bucket sinks round out this updated liveable kitchen feel. 
Bathrooms- Lush, Luxury, Lived-In...aesthetic seems to be more important than ever in today's master bathrooms and guest bathrooms. Designers are using wallpaper-like tile, rich colors, concrete accents, high contrast marble, just to name a few.  
Take a walk through a new builder's model homes and you are likely to see many of these trends on display. One trend we come across is the wallpaper-like tile. Think of tile with a textured finish, it's subtle, but makes a powerful statement.
Woven textures and natural elements can make for high-impact bathroom accents.  You can create a spa-like feel is by opting for a frameless-glass insert for your tub/shower combo rather than a shower curtain. Dark hues for walls, can add drama and depth.  Pair those dark hues with the right lighting and you have a perfect space- drama AND good lighting= bliss! 
Finishes, Fixtures & Color- Finishes in the kitchens and bathrooms are trending toward mixed metals.  Designers are talking matte black for fixtures and well-worn brass. According to Elle Decor, Pinterest users searched and pinned “mixed metals" 423% more than last year!  Talk about a sky-rocketing trend.  You can see this trend beautifully on display at Plano's newest Granite Park Boardwalk addition, Union Bear Brewery. Vintage Lighting is the crowning jewel in home design.  Many of these fixtures serve as art.  Pros are seeing a trend in copper. Warm, dark, moody hues are setting the tone for that comfortable, lived-in vibe.  Check out Pantone's Color of the Year 2018! 
RATES 4.00% TO 4.25% 30 yr. loan, good credit DATA 1/26/18
172 DOM‐ 66, Inventory‐ 1.4
183 DOM‐ 40, Inventory‐ 1.0
165, DOM‐ 100, Inventory‐ 4.1
277, DOM‐ 85, Inventory‐ 3.2
72, DOM‐ 60, Inventory‐ 2.2
742, DOM‐72, Inventory‐ 2.1
253, DOM‐36, Inventory‐ 1.3
680, DOM‐67, Inventory‐ 2.7
50, DOM‐ 66, Inventory‐ 1.6
274, DOM‐103, Inventory‐ 3.4
511, DOM‐43, Inventory‐1.6
337, DOM‐93, Inventory‐ 4.1
138, DOM‐29, Inventory‐ 1.2
614, DOM‐41, Inventory‐1.6
56, DOM‐35, Inventory‐ 1.1
165, DOM‐59, Inventory‐1.4
images courtesy Houzz
from left to right

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Need a Vendor?

Just today y'all, this happened!  I grabbed the front door knob to open the door and the knob came right off in my hand.  Now I know I am a strong urban-mama, but we are not talking "hulk-strength" by any stretch of the imagination.  After an attempt or two at trying to screw it back on myself, it was time, and clear, that it needed to be replaced.  So my first stop was the web, no, not for yelp or google, but TEAM-PRZADA!  That's right, features a Vendor List.  Bet you dollars to donuts that what you are looking for is already on the list!  From home repair to remodel, to personal trainers to veterinarians, check out our list...Just another way TEAM-PRZADA can serve you in all of your real estate AND home owner needs!

 Vendor List