Thursday, May 10, 2018

Barn Door, Y'all!

Barn Doors are all the rage, aren't they... or are they? It seems like at this point, they are part and parcel of the modern American home renovation.  According to, this trend was on its way out in 2017, but alas, being one to buck the system, I opted to go ahead and add one to my home...even though we are well into 2018 and all! ;) To me, the point of trends is to be aware of them, and then decide for yourself, if this is something you like and want to commit to, long-term. So, on the barn door question, I committed whole-hearted y'all!

My reasoning for a barn door...we have a game room space upstairs that sits mid-way between a media room and a bedroom.

Two concerns:
1. Noise travels well in that area, and the occupant of said bedroom likes to come out of his room and hush his parents' TV watching habits. 2. During the inspection process, we lost a portion of drywall, sort of a hallway header in front of our attic access, due to a space/configuration goof.  Needless to say, I always felt that the hall needed "something..." that visually it was missing an element.  After mulling this over and over for quite a while, we finally took the plunge.  There are so many kits and DIY-How-Tos all over the internet, but we ultimately decided to hire a carpenter to create this for us.  We were NOT disappointed AT ALL.  It is truly a beautiful work of art...something that has made me fall even more in love with our upstairs now that it is a reality.  We hired Shannon & Joshua MacWilliams of Ingenious Wood by J-MAC.  They came highly recommended by many of our neighbors.  Why? Well, for starters, they can DO ANYTHING, and do it well, plus they are reasonably priced, and super-professional. Please see their Facebook page for a collection of the work they have done.  I am already thinking of the next project for Ingenious Wood by J-MAC!

Now on to the "eye candy"!!!



My furry shadow wanted to get in on the action, I suppose...

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

It's Definitely That Time of Year Again!!!

Spring Cleaning, Spring Cleaning, welp, it's that time of year, isn't it? I think I spent a good chunk of my day yesterday "arguing" with and sorting the massive amounts of paper one seems to accumulate these days!  Between mail, bills, schoolwork, flyers, agendas from volunteer meetings, receipts, magazines, junk mail...a gal could almost literally be carried away in a sea of paper!  No matter how many baskets, or inboxes, or filing procedures I may implement, it never seems to become an organized habit.

ENTER Donna Malone with Pretty Simple Organizing. She is THE organizing guru with so many fantastic tips.  You know those Pinterest-worthy pins and photos that make those of us want-to-be-organized-and-put-together-types aspire to create system after system to KEEP us from drowning in "stuff" again and again, well, I think Donna is THE ANSWER.  She is featured, in all of her cataloged and systematized wonder,  in an interview for THE PRZADA TEAM's newsletter this month.  Watch for it THIS week!  Until then, please enjoy browsing her site!  She has so much to offer!  From advice, to her professional organizing services, to a consultation.  If you desire a way to find what you are looking for fast and to keep clutter at bay, call Donna.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

To Roomba or Not To Roomba?

Yes, that is THE question we had been asking ourselves.  We have a SERIOUS dog fur problem, and when I say serious, I mean it.  We have these two cuties...Tucker & Lola!
Tucker Blue
Lola Bug
Everyone seems to wear their fur...residents and visitors alike!  I love to vacuum, I really do, and we have a great OLD Dyson vacuum that takes care of the fur brilliantly, order to make a difference in the war against fur balls, I would have to vacuum EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. That is not happening people!  I mean, who has time to do that? Well, enter the Roomba, or "UrbanSnoopy" as we have renamed her.  She is amazing.  When some of my friends told me that they purchased a robotic vacuum, I thought they were crazy.  I mean to each his own and I totally supported the freedom to choose how to make your chore load a bit lighter, #noneofmybusiness, but.... I always thought I had more impactful ways to spend our household budget.  Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when I was sitting on a dear friend's floor playing with her son.  I was so impressed with how clean and dust/fur free her floors were.  I remarked as such, privately thinking about what amount of fur be stuck to my pants if we were on my floors, enough to make a new dog???? Probably. I mentioned this to the Urban-Mr. off offhandedly, and voila, Snoopy came into our lives last weekend.  She has already proven to be a worth-while investment and a fun new pet!!! 


No promotional consideration was given by iRobot for me to author this blogpost.  I simply purchased the product and enjoy it.